Trail Report

Thursday, December 3, 2020

We have fixed the lower creek crossing on Rocky Loop. We will be grooming the trail soon but at least you can go all the way around the loop.

We plan on grooming tomorrow in time for the weekend. All trails are open, a bit lumpy but skiable.

The Hill Trail is broke all the way to alpine. The Arrow Trail is broke by snowshoe. Now is your chance to try this trail.




Welcome to Canyon Creek

We have over 22 km of wilderness trails suitable for cross-country and backcountry skiing. Trails are suitable for all skill levels from novice to advanced.

We are in a high elevation snowbelt that results in cold dry powder for most of the winter. Our season extends from November 21 to April 1.

Elevation of the trails range from 1032 m up to alpine at 1576 m.

We groom 12 km of trail at the lower elevations. We groom flat with no track setting due to the terrain. Hills are groomed wide enough for turns and stopping.

Snowshoeing is permitted but users must walk to the side of groomed trails. Dogs are permitted on all trails.





Currently there are no fees but there is a donation box to show your appreciation. All work is done by volunteers. There is no paid staff.

Canyon Creek Ski Area is managed by the BV Outdoor Recreation Society (BVORS) in collaboration with Rec Sites and Trails BC. The trails have been developed and maintained by the BVORS since 2007.



Use the trails at your own risk.

The trails are in a wilderness setting with all the associated risks.

The trails are not patrolled so tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Ski with a friend.

There is cell coverage in the alpine but not on the lower groomed trails.

Maps are provided on many trails showing where you are.

We recommend a location beacon such as a SPOT or Inreach.


Our sponsors for 2020/2021

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