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Glacier Gulch, Twin Falls
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Description: Twin Falls is spectacular and accessible for children and all who can walk a rough, slippery trail. Very good road access. The Glacier Gulch Trail continues above the Falls to the Hudson Bay Glacier. Excellent trail but there are significant hazards in the open alpine area.(see Features below)
Near: Smithers
Difficulty: Easy to Twin Falls, moderate but risky to Hudson Bay Glacier
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Location: on Map NW
Road Conditions: All-weather gravel road   Trail Length: 20 minutes to Twin Falls. Two hours on the Glacier Trail to the lower parts of the glacier.
Directions: Drive north of Smithers on Highway 16 past the Smithers Airport. Turn left (west) on the Lake Kathlyn Road. Turn right (north) on the Glacier Gulch Road. The gravel road to Twin Falls is open in the summer. In the winter, you can walk or ski the 2 km road to the Falls. Avoid the upper trail in the winter due to avalanche risk.   Features: The Glacier Gulch Trail starts at the left of the Twin Falls Trail about 100 metres above the parking lot. The lower parts of the trail are excellent but the open alpine area is very steep and pelted by rocks that break off a sheer cliff on the left. Avoid the upper Glacier Trail if there is frost overnight. The glacier can be hazardous to walk on - for experienced alpine climbers only.
The Glacier Gulch Trail continues up to the left of Twin Falls

Ice climbers scale the frozen falls in the winter


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