Telkwa Caribou Recovery Project

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Caution: some references to caribou in the Southern Rockies ( Revelstoke, etc.) may not apply to our Northern Caribou




Effects of Humans on Behaviour of Wildlife Exceed Those of Natural Predators in a Landscape of Fear, 2012 An interesting study of human influence on elk in Alberta
COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report
on the Caribou
A link to the online version at SARA
Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou, Southern Mountain population A link to the online version at SARA
MOTORIZED BACKCOUNTRY RECREATION AND STRESS RESPONSE IN MOUNTAIN CARIBOU (Rangifer tarandus caribou) By NICOLA L. FREEMAN, 1996. This is the paper mentioned by Kathy Parker
Management Plan for the Northern Mountain Population of Woodland Caribou A link to the online version
Habitat Selection and Calf Survival in the Telkwa Caribou Herd 1997-2000, Stronen Skip to sections 8 and 9 for excellent First Nations history and synopsis
Link to Morice LRMP online Choose second item under Orders & Amendments to open the entire Morice Land and Resource Management Plan
Winter Proposal - Conservation Group 2016 To be presented at the next meeting
Summer Proposal - Conservation Group 2016 Modified Feb 26, 2016
History of the Decline of the Telkwa Caribou Herd 1965 to 2015 Prepared by Mel Coulson, Quick
Map of current snowmobile closures in caribou habitat in the Rocky Mountains of BC (online) Link to the BC government closures site
The influences of wolf predation, habitat
loss, and human activity on caribou and
moose in the Alberta oil sands, Wasser
A good field study of many of the factors threatening caribou in Alberta
DRAFT Management Plan for the Grey Wolf
(Canis lupus) in British Columbia
This plan was pointed out by Eric Becker
Managing wolves (Canis lupus) to recover threatened woodland
caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Alberta
This paper is recommended by Conrad
The predator-prey dynamics of wolves and moose in the
northern Columbia Mountains: spatial and functional patterns in
relation to mountain caribou decline. 2005
Talks about where and when moose were killed by wolves and how close it happened to caribou. Lots about kill frequency, amount of moose eaten by each wolf each day - great stuff.
Impacts of Backcountry Recreation Activities
on Mountain Caribou, 2000
Examines impact of four winter recreation from backcountry skiing to snowmobiling, snowcat skiing and heli-skiing.
Factors limiting woodland caribou populations and their relationships with wolves and moose in southeastern BC, 1992 Comparison of two neighbouring caribou herds, one in the alpine, one in the trees. Lots of good information about predation.
Predation and caribou populations, 1991 Good basic review of caribou predation. Compares our northern caribou to Arctic caribou
Displacement of Mountain Caribou from Winter Habitat by Snowmobiles, 2006 Recent study near Prince George showed that caribou abandoned a mountain area with intensive snowmobiling even though it was suitable caribou habitat.
Telkwa Caribou Population
Status and Background Information . Summary, 2014
Here it is - all you wanted to know about the Telkwa Caribou Project (over 100 pages)
Snowmobiling and Mountain Caribou:
A Literature Review of Stewardship
A massive review of the literature including a nice synopsis of each paper at the end of the document
Mountain Caribou Interactions with Wolves and Moose in Central British Columbia, 2008 Management of predation on caribou - options and some history
Movements, foraging habits, and habitat use
strategies of northern woodland caribou
during winter: Implications for
forest practices in British Columbia, 2004
Ignore the fancy title, this paper has some good information on caribou feed and how caribou survive in winter
Microsite Displacement of Terrestrial Lichens by Feather Moss Mats in Late
Seral Pine-Lichen Woodlands of North-central British Columbia
Examines the effects of fire on the lichens that caribou eat in winter. Skip the technical part in the middle and get to the discussion at the end.
Condition, Potential Recovery Rate, and Productivity of Lichen (Cladonia spp.)
Ranges in the Finnish Reindeer Management Area, 1999
Finland is a long way but fire does help lichen grow - and caribou eat lichen
The diet of woodland caribou populations in west-central Alberta, 1996 Caribou prefer lichens over all other feed, both summer and winter. Hint - graminoids are grasses, equisetum are horsetails, ledum are Labrador Tea and dryas are alpine avens.