cross country ski trails near Smithers BC

Groomed Trails


Use the trails at your own risk. You are responsible for your safety. Ski with a partner.



Long Trail

Long sweeping turns and hills at the upper end and a flat section at the bottom. A great ski trail but it demands your full attention.

Step Trail

Up a gentle grade, over the top and down two short but steep pitches. Suitable for average skiers.

Swamp Trail

A narrow, gentle grade except for two very short, steep pitches. An easy trail.

Pine Trail

A ridge-top trail with a view. A steep pitch at the east end and a quick hill at the west end, for advanced skiers or snowshoers.

"Y" Trail

A flat trail, ideal for the beginner.

Cottonwood Trail

A new expert trail for 2009. A long moderate slope with a couple of turns. We have added a new easier corner at the bottom.

Connector Trail

New for 2009. A short trail with one short, steep pitch that connects the back Perimeter Trail to the Step Trail.

South Perimeter Trail

The trail starts with the biggest hill, Walkdown Hill. The trail is narrow and fast when freshly groomed but widens out at the bottom in a series of great sweeping turns. For advanced skiers.

Rocky Loop

We have added a 2.5 km groomed trail, Rocky Loop, that starts and ends at the bottom of the South Perimeter Trail. See map below. Follow the loop counter-clockwise for the best and most demanding skiing. For skiers with advanced skills. Steep hills at both ends of the loop.


There are 12.6 km of groomed trails in the original ski area including a new 2.5 km loop added in 2010. The groomed trails need about 30" of snow to cover low brush and are usually ready by Christmas.

The original perimeter trail is flagged red red flagging

The inner trails are flagged blue or yellow Blue flagging

Recommended ski equipment

Normal cross-country skis are suitable. Fishscales and metal edges are recommended but not required. Use a side step or herringbone to climb the short hills. A ski helmet is recommended. The trails are groomed flat, no tracks are set so you must be able to turn. The trails will challenge you but are a lot of fun.

Beginner skiers

If you are a beginner, turn left at the first intersection to cross the creek. The North Perimeter Trail is mostly flat and accesses gentle trails.

Advanced skiers

Turn right at the first intersection to cross the creek. The South Perimeter Trail and the Long Trail offer the fastest, most challenging terrain.

Grooming width

Some flat sections are groomed narrow, about 6' wide. We groom most hills to 15' wide to permit turns and stops.


The trails are sheltered from the wind by the forest except in a few open meadows. When it's blowing at the parking lot, it's often quiet on the trails.

New for 2012 - Creek Loop Trail

We have added a new ungroomed trail, the Creek Loop Trail. It starts near the first picnic table and heads south along Canyon Creek for over one kilometer. Then it turns east, crosses Canyon Creek and joins the bottom portion of the Rocky Loop Trail. The trail is 1.8 km long but the entire loop with the return along the Rocky Loop Trail will be over 3 km. The trail is near flat and especially suitable for skinny skis. Skiers will have to set tracks. The trail is open meadows all the way and especially nice on a blue-sky day.



This map shows the groomed trails. The colour for each trail indicates the colour of the flagging on the trail.


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