Gardening vegetables, flowers, and care for trees, shrubs and lawns in a northern climate
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Past articles include gardening tips and gardening advice for all northern gardens. If you are looking for ideas for a garden design, whether it's for a pond, lawn or perennial bed, you will find many articles for inspiration.

Gardening tips for flowers include starting seed in the Spring, planning annual flowers and making sure that your plants survive the cool nights and bright sun of summer.

Gardening tips for lawns include how to start a new lawn, how to maintain your lawn and what to do about moss and mushrooms.

Gardening advice on indoor plants include wintering plants, watering and feeding.



Past gardening advice

There are currently 354 articles.

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Saving Pots
"We all have favorite flower pots that we just couldnít bear to be without"
Garden Clubs
"Gardeners are always looking for better, easier, more creative ways to garden"
Foliage Gardens
"When I bought my first home, I was thrilled to be able to landscape just the way I wanted"
Storing Garden Tools
"We all have our own ways of organizing our gardening tools"
"The world these days seems to be set on high speed"
Landscape to Sell Your Property
"Landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your property"
"The honeysuckle is a plant that is either a shrub or a vine, of which there are about 180 different varieties"
What To Know About Alkaline Soils
"Much of the soil in the north tends to be fairly neutral to slightly acidic"
Summer End Chores
"With fall just around the corner itís always a good time to get your garden in ship shape"
Campanulas - Canterbury Bells
"I remember the first time I ever saw Canterbury bells"
Neglected Gardens
"There are times when gardening and lawn care are low priorities compared to the rest of your life"
" I love birds in my garden"
Moon Garden
"When I think of gardening, I think of flowers blooming in the warm sunshine"
Patio on the Lawn
"In the summer, a lot of us spend enough time in our back yards to realize that there are some things we would like to add to our landscapes"
Miniature Roses
"Roses have always been a favorite in gardens"
"When it comes to perennials I love plants that are not only pretty, but fragrant"
Designing Your Landscape
"When it comes to designing your landscape, it is hugely important to get it right the first time"
"Iím sure when you look around your garden, you have a sea of flowers blooming in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes"
Naturalized Garden
"There are times when every gardener gets tired of all the mowing, weeding, sowing of seeds"
Rain Barrels
"One of the most important elements of gardening is water"
Mowing Edge
"One of the hardest things to do right is to edge your planting beds"
Tree Islands
"If you have a lawn with trees, you may be doing a lot more work to keep both the trees and the lawn healthy"
Snap Decision Gardening
"Sometimes we make decisions in our gardens and landscapes that may not be the best"
Downspout Garden
"Years ago, back when our grandmothers were gardening, there was no such thing as a downspout"
Beginner's Shade Garden
"Itís amazing how many things there are to think about when putting in a new garden"


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