Gardening vegetables, flowers, and care for trees, shrubs and lawns in a northern climate
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Past gardening tips
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Past articles include gardening tips and gardening advice for all northern gardens. If you are looking for ideas for a garden design, whether it's for a pond, lawn or perennial bed, you will find many articles for inspiration.

Gardening tips for flowers include starting seed in the Spring, planning annual flowers and making sure that your plants survive the cool nights and bright sun of summer.

Gardening tips for lawns include how to start a new lawn, how to maintain your lawn and what to do about moss and mushrooms.

Gardening advice on indoor plants include wintering plants, watering and feeding.



Past gardening advice

There are currently 354 articles.

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Peas for Green Manure
"I've been thinking about ways in which to start new gardens, on old pieces of land"
Salad Garden
"I think that one of the best parts of summer is enjoying salads, fresh from the garden"
Healthy Lawns
"Here are steps to a healthy lawn without using herbicides and chemical fertilizers that contaminate groundwater"
"A co-worker asked me about raspberries today, so I thought I'd devote this column to just that"
Fruit Trees / Manure / Alkaline Soils
"I have more letters from readers, so this week I'll answer some of them."
"Spring time brings to mind the taste of fresh strawberries and whip cream"
Woodland Garden
"There is nothing more lovely than a natural woodland park"
Build For Your Garden
"I'm sitting here at my desk, the weather outside has changed about six times in the last five minutes"
Stopping Weeds
"I think that spring may actually be coming to the north"
Feeding Trees Organically
"I have been thinking a lot about spring lately (who hasn't?)"
"Did you know that certain floral features are associated with certain animals or insects that come into your garden to pollinate your flowers?"
Fertilizing House Plants
"Well, it's mid-March and if you haven't already started, it's time to once again, start giving your house plants some fertilizer"
Where To Get Mulches
"It has been pointed out to me recently, that although I talk about mulches, I have not yet said where you can get such items"
Clay Gardens
"So many people have garden soil that is straight clay"
Rose Petal Oil
"I have another letter from a young lady wanting to know about rose petal oil."
Ants, Soil, Comfrey and Nettle
"I have received some e-mails from readers about different gardening problems"
Compost Creatures
"Compost piles don't work all on their own, they need a lot of help"
Compost Inner Workings
"A compost pile is not just a heap of scraps that rot and miraculously make into rich black soil."
Compost & pH
"All plants react to the pH of a soil, if it's right for them, they grow great"
Common Gardening Terms, part 2
"Last week I started picking out some gardening terms you probably have heard"
Common Gardening Terms, Part 1
"There is nothing worse than reading in a gardening book how to do this or that"
Fitness Room
"With Christmas over, you are probably like a lot of people who ate too much"
Christmas Time
"With only one day left before Christmas, most of us aren't really thinking of gardening"
Soil Structure
"We all know that soil structure is something that we need in order to grow plants"
"Bonsai is the art of training young trees to look like mature, large trees"


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