Gardening vegetables, flowers, and care for trees, shrubs and lawns in a northern climate
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Past gardening tips
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Past articles include gardening tips and gardening advice for all northern gardens. If you are looking for ideas for a garden design, whether it's for a pond, lawn or perennial bed, you will find many articles for inspiration.

Gardening tips for flowers include starting seed in the Spring, planning annual flowers and making sure that your plants survive the cool nights and bright sun of summer.

Gardening tips for lawns include how to start a new lawn, how to maintain your lawn and what to do about moss and mushrooms.

Gardening advice on indoor plants include wintering plants, watering and feeding.



Past gardening advice

There are currently 354 articles.

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Low Maintenance Shade Garden
"I got a call from a lady the other day, who wanted to know what to do with her front garden"
"Question: Have a white currant bush in the corner of our yard"
Spring Bulbs All Year Round
"My wife and I would like to plant hardy bulbs that do not need to be removed in the Fall"
Spring Chores
"We keep getting fooled into thinking that spring is here"
Getting Rid of Hornets
"The snow is almost totally gone now, so I see people out burning junk, which has accumulated over the winter"
Flowering Crabs
"One of the most enjoyable parts of spring is seeing the flowering crab trees come into full bloom"
Spring Compost
"I love spring! Today was one of those days where you can almost smell summer on its way"
Raised Bed Chores
"I looked out my window this morning and discovered that two of my raised beds were free of snow"
Kerria Pleniform
"I received an e-mail last month from Ken, in Smithers, asking where he could get a Kerria pleniform"
Spring Tree Care
"Were getting closer and closer to spring, the air is warmer, the snow is melting"
Lemon Scented Geranium - Citronella
"I'm often asked about the citronella, or mosquito plant"
"The hibiscus is an indoor plant, native to the tropics, which will flower almost all year long"
Landscape Ceiling
"In my last two columns I have talked about the floor and the walls of your "outdoor room "."
Landscape Walls
"Garden walls are the area that surrounds your property, or divide it"
Landscape Floors
"When it comes to landscaping your property, it's no different than decorating your home"
Home Entrances
"I decided it was time to talk a bit about landscaping and how it affects the look of your home and property"
Potted Plants / Hanging Baskets
"With your bedding plants started, it is now time to begin thinking about new and creative ways to enhance your garden or patio"
Seed Starting Tips
"It's getting to be that time of year, when gardeners are starting to think about gardening and getting their seeds started"
Sweet Peas Indoors
"Sweet Peas have got to be one of the all time favorite garden flowers, but what about growing them indoors, as a house plant?"
Forcing Branches
"There is nothing worse for a gardener than anxiously waiting for spring to arrive."
New Year Resolutions
"I woke this morning thinking about my dahlias, which are stored in my dark cool room"
Winter Compost
"Just because winter is here, does not mean that you should stop composting."
Growing Under a Shade Tree
"When it comes to garden problems, trying to get something to grow under a shade tree seems to be a major headache for many gardeners."
Cats In the Garden
"One of the biggest complaints that gardeners have, is wandering neighborhood cats"
Miniature Roses
"I was wondering if you knew anything about wintering miniature roses inside"


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