Gardening vegetables, flowers, and care for trees, shrubs and lawns in a northern climate
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Past articles include gardening tips and gardening advice for all northern gardens. If you are looking for ideas for a garden design, whether it's for a pond, lawn or perennial bed, you will find many articles for inspiration.

Gardening tips for flowers include starting seed in the Spring, planning annual flowers and making sure that your plants survive the cool nights and bright sun of summer.

Gardening tips for lawns include how to start a new lawn, how to maintain your lawn and what to do about moss and mushrooms.

Gardening advice on indoor plants include wintering plants, watering and feeding.



Past gardening advice

There are currently 354 articles.

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Weed Wars
"With the snow on the ground outside, I finally have time to sit back and contemplate the past season of gardening"
Activating Your Compost
"One of my favorite topics is composting and if you havenít started yours yet"
Dried Plants for Crafts
" As I was sitting at my dining room table, I happened to glance out at my arbor which is covered in hops"
Crown of Thorns
"Some years ago I was given a very prickly house plant, that I had never seen before"
Elm trees
"Five years ago I planted a row of trees that I wasnít sure would do well here. To my amazement they have grown and flourished"
Raised Bed Maintenance
"Whether we like it or not, fall is here and it is time to harvest our remaining crops"
Tree Suckers
"I was driving through town the other day, when I saw a beautiful tree, about twelve feet tall. It looked very healthy, except for one thing"
Rose Hips
"Everyone loves roses for their delicate petals and wonderful smell, but did you know that there is another very good reason to love roses?"
Delphinium vs Monkshood
"It has occurred to me lately, that many people have a hard time distinguishing between delphinium and monkshood."
Soil Compaction
"Well, itís September again, the month when a lot of crops are harvested."
Creeping Jenny - Lily of the Valley
"There is a perennial out there that I shied away from until a few years ago."
Rose Care
"Roses are probably one of the most beautiful plants that Mother Nature has ever given us"
Ninebark Shub (Physocarpus)
"Gardeners who live in the north are always looking for new and interesting shrubs that will grow well here"
Laying Sod
"I was asked the other day what to do with newly laid sod"
Garden Pests
"Youíre out in your garden and suddenly you notice that one of your favorite perennials has some sort of bug on it."
Landscaping the Small Yard
"While in Oliver last week I went to visit a friend, who is living in a new place. He asked my advice on his yard"
Brussel Sprouts
"I think there is a very misunderstood vegetable out there"
Property Lines
"Fence lines can be one of your major landscaping headaches"
Mushrooms in Your Lawn
"I was wondering if you can give me any suggestions on how to get rid of wild mushrooms"
"One of the mainstays of any vegetable garden, is the onion"
Landscaping Large Lots, the Lawn
"When you have a large lot, or acreage, one of the most beautiful things you can have is an expanse of lush, green lawn"
Landscaping Large Lots, Pond and Patio
"This week, more about landscaping a large property from scratch"
Landscaping Large Lots, Part I
"I received an e-mail the other day concerning larger rural properties"
Low Maintenance Shade Garden, Part 3
"Well, the shade perennial garden is on itís way to getting done"
Low Maintenance Shade Garden, Part 2
"Last week we got the shade gardens weed free, and the soil amended"


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